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Because we are a cash-only, wellness-based, membership-oriented office, our pricing is affordable and straightforward.


There are 3 ways to pay for chiropractic care at Creative:


 1. Practice Membership:  (most popular and best value)

Wellness Routine

Up to 4x/month = $70 per month 1st family member

$50 per month 2nd family member

$150 per month for household up to 6


Corrective Routine

Up to 10x/ month = $110 per month per individual


*Memberships are billed automatically, and can be cancelled any time with a 15 day notice after the initial first 2 months.

*Memberships are paid for on a monthly recurring electronic payment process, which is run on a predetermined date each month, and visits do not “roll over” when unused.

*Membership discounts of 10% are offered to families of Military, Clergy, Police, EMS

*Visit  frequency for care is subject solely to Chiropractor’s recommendation, exclusively.  Additional visits are prorated according to plan selected and agreed upon.


2. Bundled Pre-Paid Packages

$360 for 6 months

$600 for 12 months


*Should a refund be needed, care rendered will be adjusted to walk-in rate prior to refund of balance.

*Membership visit #s are tracked via EHR, and may not be transferred to another individual not on an active plan. Visit dates may be communicated electronically if requested.


3. Pay Per Visit

$55 for 1st visit (exam, consultation, and adjustment if warranted)

$35 per adjustment