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Insurance: does it cover Chiropractic?


Does insurance cover Chiropractic care?

Insurance is designed to cover the expenses associated with treatment aimed at ameliorating the symptoms of diagnosed medical conditions. The Medical industry relies upon treating symptoms and assumes that no unpleasant symptoms indicates good health.

Chiropractic believes that health is more than treating symptoms. It’s allowing the body to come into alignment naturally. Chiropractic focuses on function rather than feeling, and recognizes that dysfunction and disease processes can occur in the absence of symptoms.

Chiropractic is the only profession in which someone locates and corrects the major source of interference in how your body functions. When you have that interference removed you function at a higher level. Chiropractors are the ONLY ones who can locate and remove that interference, and we know that to be a subluxation.

Insurance is not designed to cover the maintenance and promotion of health. A Harvard study showed that the leading cause of bankruptcy is Medical bills, which affects 2.5 million Americans annually. Nearly 78% of these had health insurance.

The Huffington post stated, “Retired couples would need $416,000 for health care costs if their drug costs were average. If that same couple lives longer than three-quarters of retirees, the estimate rises to $614,000.”j

Research has proven that those under consistent Chiropractic care have up to 400% increased immune function, have 85% less pharmaceutical costs, 50% fewer medical provider visits, and spend only 31% of the national average for health care!

Are YOU going to put your health in the hands of the insurance companies? Or are YOU going to put it into your OWN hands?

You don’t need insurance to come to our office. We offer monthly memberships at a fixed fee. We don’t require appointments. We believe that every man, woman and child should be able to find and afford quality chiropractic care and use it for the rest of their lives to improve and maintain their health and their life.

Come see how you can take control of your health!


Dr. Vaden