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I would awake with headaches every day. After being adjusted my headache went away and hasn’t come back.


Every time I would go to school I would be really nervous about everything. After he corrected one of the back problems I had, my nervousness went away.


I did not realize the enormity of the effects of the Torque Release Technique provided by Creative Chiropractic until I had not had a treatment for two weeks.  What a difference!

As a 63 year old, diabetic, over weight, grieving (loss of child), smoker, allergies and sinus issues, shall I go on? I knew that the treatments had eased the pain in my hips that had kept me awake many nights; my A1C (average daily blood sugar) had been reduced even though my eating pattern should have caused it to increase; NO sinus headaches; increased emotional happiness; overall feeling of well being; clarity of mind had increased; just plain felt better in all ways.

I had admitted there had been changes but just wasn’t that sure it was due to treatments.  Now I know that I was wrong.  Not only have the treatments helped me physically and mentally, but the loving and caring of Creative Chiropractic has truly effected my life in a very positive way.  I certainly recommend Creative Chiropractic. Please take the opportunity for better health and well being in your life.  Visit Creative Chiropractic and just see for yourself how your life can change.


Clear conscious. Pure awareness. Superb immune system. Less anxiety. Smooth performance. Better decisions. Happy J. Thanks for a good journey.


I had a sinus infection with face and eye pain. Creative Chiropractic fixed me. I was better almost immediately.


I came to Creative Chiropractic with pain in my hip, neck, and hand. After 3 visits the pain the my hip is GONE, my hand is getting better. In time my neck will be much better. Thank you Creative Chiropractic!

I owe a huge thanks to Creative Chiropractic

Immediately upon receiving my first adjustment, I felt an energy change in my body and mind. The movements of my body were more fluid as soon as I got up from the table. Since beginning on a program of being adjusted three times weekly,  I can feel the interplay between my mind and my body becoming progressively more well-tuned. My mind is more clear and the speed with which my mind is processing information reminds me of my childhood.  I have been experiencing vividly lucid dreams as well, and the daily physical soreness to which I had grown accustomed is becoming a part of my past. I am a firm believer in preventative medicine and plan to continue utilizing chiropractic care to help actively maintain my mental and physical wellness. I owe a huge thanks to Creative Chiropractic for exposing my wife and I to a means by which we may pro-actively seek health and wellness, both physically and mentally.

A very unexpected blessing…

Creative Chiropractic has been a very unexpected blessing to our family.  My husband was gravely ill with Sarcoidosis that had attacked his eyes, lungs, lymph nodes, skin, and brain. Creative Chiropractic applied the torque release technique and we are thoroughly convinced that this intervention stabilized my husband and was part of a plan that reversed his disease significantly. The level of illness my husband experienced and the rate of recovery he is now enjoying is a mystery to his other doctors, but of course we know that this type of miracle is not rare in the world of torque release technique. My husband received regular adjustments (daily) and found this technique to be very helpful. I found that the adjustments helped me with my dysautonomia as well. We will always be so thankful for the professional and competent care we received from Creative Chiropractic and refer our friends and family all the time. We hope that many will benefit from their services for years to come.

Thanks Creative Chiropractic!

When I moved my family to Atlanta to pursue a degree in chiropractic, I did not need anyone to tell me how important it was that I find someone great to take care of me and my family.  Thankfully, we found that person in Dr. Vaden.  Daniel was an upperclassman at Life University, and he was a leader in the on-campus club for Torque Release Technique.  Daniel took great care of me, my wife, and our three daughters.  Through specific chiropractic adjustments and Torque Release, my young family has experienced optimal health! We are thankful for Dr. Vaden and Chiropractic!

Thanks Daniel!

Dan & Karen Seiter

Serafina, AnnaSofia, and Isabelle