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Archive | October, 2015

Stress and Chiropractic


Can Chiropractic help with PTSD?


The nervous system is constantly recording and memorizing cues from our environment; especially stressful and life-threatening events. The neurological stress response that was activated during the initial event may resurface if something triggers a memory of that event. This is called a sympathetic stress response, and it can bring with it the emotions associated with that event.


This may include anger, fear, hostility, depression or anxiety. Along with the emotions there is a physiological response, which includes high blood pressure, increased heart rate, poor digestion, poor immune function, irritability, and changes in posture.


The greater the stressor is, the more the event harms the nervous system. Some events can be completely debilitating, while others create smaller changes in the nervous system that tend to stack up over time. The fact is that everyone suffers from stress.


Chiropractic is designed to remove harmful stress patterns from the nervous system and reduce the damage done by stress. This is why so many people choose to adopt regular Chiropractic care.

“After my first adjustment I felt an energy change in my body and mind. I can feel the interplay between my mind and body becoming progressively more well-tuned.” -J.T.

Do you feel stressed? Do you know someone who is suffering from stress? Give us a call and let us show you how we can help!


Acid Is Killing You


Acid Is Killing You


What is one of the major differences between healthy people and sick people? The pH of body fluids in a sick person compared to a healthy person is very different. The normal pH of the blood in humans is between 7.35-7.45. Any pH above or below this range can put an individual at risk for disease. The ideal pH level for the blood is slightly alkaline at about 7.4.

Most research shows that people with health problems are slightly acidic and healthy people are more alkaline. This is because the body is unable to heal completely from disease if the pH of the blood is acidic. Total healing of chronic illness only takes place when and if the blood is restored to a normal, slightly alkaline pH. Prolonged imbalance of pH can lead to things like: hormone concerns, cardiovascular weakness, weight gain/loss,
bladder and kidney concerns,
immune deficiency,
acceleration of free radical damage, brittle bones, joint discomfort,
stressed liver function,
low energy,
slow digestion and elimination, and tumor growth. Having a slightly alkaline pH of body fluids is vital to maintaining health. The truth is everyone has different nutrient requirements, but we all share one thing in common – we need to have alkaline blood to stay healthy.

An acidic pH decreases the body’s ability to absorb minerals and other nutrients. It will also decrease the energy production of cells, decrease the body’s ability to repair damaged cells, decrease it’s ability to detoxify heavy metals, make tumor cells thrive, and make it more susceptible to fatigue and illness. An overly acidic body is the primary indicator of a calcium deficiency in the body. So what can you do to correct this calcium deficiency and create a slightly alkaline pH within your body? The answer is in your drinking water.

Drinking water that has an alkaline pH level will help to raise the pH of your blood to a slightly alkaline level. AquaLyte is a product that is designed to turn ordinary drinking water into “healing water.” AquaLyte is made up of coral calcium from Okinawa, vitamin c and silver that transforms nutrient deficient water into the highest quality naturally alkalized drinking water.

Want to add over 70 ionic minerals and trace elements to your drinking water? Try adding Ionyte!

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Headaches: A Cause and a Cure


Can headaches be cured naturally?


There are several different “types” of headaches, but all headaches are warning signs that something’s not right in the body!


Tension headaches occur because of spinal misalignment and muscle tension in the neck. This creates a “tugging” motion on the dural membrane of the brain and spinal cord, and that’s what causes your head to ache.


Cluster headaches are often caused by pressure on the optic nerve, and this is why it hurts behind the eyes. The sphenoid bone can become misaligned and press on this nerve. Because the sphenoid bone moves in direct correlation to the tailbone, a Chiropractic adjustment to the tailbone is often indicated.


Migraine headaches occur due to changes in blood flow in and around the brain. The first bone in the neck, the atlas, can become misaligned and press on the spinal cord creating an increase in blood pressure.


A hypersensitive nervous system makes people more susceptible to “triggers” such as smells and foods. Abnormal pressures and stresses on the spine will damage the spinal cord and spinal nerves. This can lead to symptoms such as headaches, food sensitivities, abnormal changes in blood pressure, and much more.


Oftentimes a headache can be eliminated by simply drinking a glass of water, but neurologically based corrective Chiropractic care has demonstrated fantastic results for those suffering from headaches. Just ask our practice members!