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Archive | June, 2015

Insurance: does it cover Chiropractic?


Does insurance cover Chiropractic care?

Insurance is designed to cover the expenses associated with treatment aimed at ameliorating the symptoms of diagnosed medical conditions. The Medical industry relies upon treating symptoms and assumes that no unpleasant symptoms indicates good health.

Chiropractic believes that health is more than treating symptoms. It’s allowing the body to come into alignment naturally. Chiropractic focuses on function rather than feeling, and recognizes that dysfunction and disease processes can occur in the absence of symptoms.

Chiropractic is the only profession in which someone locates and corrects the major source of interference in how your body functions. When you have that interference removed you function at a higher level. Chiropractors are the ONLY ones who can locate and remove that interference, and we know that to be a subluxation.

Insurance is not designed to cover the maintenance and promotion of health. A Harvard study showed that the leading cause of bankruptcy is Medical bills, which affects 2.5 million Americans annually. Nearly 78% of these had health insurance.

The Huffington post stated, “Retired couples would need $416,000 for health care costs if their drug costs were average. If that same couple lives longer than three-quarters of retirees, the estimate rises to $614,000.”j

Research has proven that those under consistent Chiropractic care have up to 400% increased immune function, have 85% less pharmaceutical costs, 50% fewer medical provider visits, and spend only 31% of the national average for health care!

Are YOU going to put your health in the hands of the insurance companies? Or are YOU going to put it into your OWN hands?

You don’t need insurance to come to our office. We offer monthly memberships at a fixed fee. We don’t require appointments. We believe that every man, woman and child should be able to find and afford quality chiropractic care and use it for the rest of their lives to improve and maintain their health and their life.

Come see how you can take control of your health!


Dr. Vaden


Lifetime Chiropractic


Why choose lifetime Chiropractic care?

As a Chiropractor I’m often asked this question. My simple answer is that Chiropractic care is for everyone and for all ages. Eating a healthy diet and exercising is important for maintaining a healthy body, and so is regular Chiropractic care.

The human body is the most advanced precision equipment on the planet, and all precision equipment requires periodic tune-ups. A violin is the perfect example. The tone or tension of the strings literally determines the pitch of sound that is produced.

The human nervous system controls all healing and function in the body. Every heart beat. Every movement. Even the regulation of hormones and energy levels. It is literally an electrical communication device that travels through nerves.

Consider this: the brain produces 65 trillion chemicals per second. It consists of 100 billion nerve cells with 1000 trillion nerve connections. It is the equivalent of a computer with a 1-trillion bit-per-second processor! It contains up to 1,000 terabytes of memory. For comparison, the U.S. Library of Congress consists of 19 million volumes and this is about 1 terabyte worth of computer memory.

Your nervous system consists of your brain, spinal cord, and all the nerves that run throughout your body. It is responsible for causing your heart to beat over 100,000 times per day and your kidneys to filter your blood up to 300 times per day. It allows us to breathe 7 quarts of air per minute and regulate the 35 million digestive glands within our stomachs. That a big responsibility and this is why it’s so important to keep it healthy!

When the brain, spinal cord, and the nerves are stretched, pinched, or twisted it creates a disturbance in this information highway, and eventually leads to chronic disease, symptoms, and eventually an early death.

Many believe the myth that “feeling good” equates to “being healthy.” I say that health is about function, not feeling. That means that you can feel good, but still not be healthy. This is why 50% of Americans suffer from cardiovascular disease and 40% will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life. Most don’t realize they are developing heart disease or cancer until they have a heart attack or discover a large tumor growing in their brain for example! This is why it is important to have the health of your nervous system checked on a regular basis by a Chiropractor who specializes in keeping the nervous system healthy and functioning optimally.

Research has proven that those under consistent Chiropractic care have up to 400% increased immune function, have 85% less pharmaceutical costs, 50% fewer medical provider visits, and spend only 31% of the national average for health care!

Only Chiropractors are trained to be able to adjust the spine in order to “re-tune” or calibrate your nervous system. Not all Chiropractors are alike, and it is important to choose a Chiropractor who is congruent with your health goals.

Come in sometime for a tune-up and see for yourself!


In Health,

Daniel Vaden, DC


What are natural ways to fight arthritis?


Arthritis - Creative ChiropracticArthritis can result from many factors including skeletal misalignment, poor diet, wear and tear to joints from harmful activities or injuries, and a hyper-sensitive immune system. It is important to address arthritis from all angles to maximize your ability to heal and function properly.

An anti-inflammatory diet is essential to reducing the symptoms of arthritis. Inflammatory foods create a “fire” in the body that will make joints hurt, blood vessels damaged, and organs malfunction. Be sure to avoid the four most inflammatory foods:

  • Sugary Foods
  • Grains (brown rice and gluten-free is a good alternative)
  • Cow’s Dairy (especially milk)
  • Processed Meats

Aim to include high amounts of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables as well as grass-fed meats. A high quality fish oil or cod liver oil supplement is extremely important to battling inflammation in the body. Go for a liquid form instead of the pill, as the pill may become rancid without you realizing it. Bromelain, Serrapeptase, Ginger, and Curcumin are great additions to help you defeat the effects of inflammation.

Chiropractic adjustments will improve your skeletal alignment and reduce unnecessary wear and tear on joints as well as help to balance your immune system function. A properly functioning nervous system is essential to staying healthy and balanced, and that’s what Chiropractic is all about!

Call our office today to schedule your consultation and see what we can do for you!




I would awake with headaches every day. After being adjusted my headache went away and hasn’t come back.


Every time I would go to school I would be really nervous about everything. After he corrected one of the back problems I had, my nervousness went away.


I did not realize the enormity of the effects of the Torque Release Technique provided by Creative Chiropractic until I had not had a treatment for two weeks.  What a difference!

As a 63 year old, diabetic, over weight, grieving (loss of child), smoker, allergies and sinus issues, shall I go on? I knew that the treatments had eased the pain in my hips that had kept me awake many nights; my A1C (average daily blood sugar) had been reduced even though my eating pattern should have caused it to increase; NO sinus headaches; increased emotional happiness; overall feeling of well being; clarity of mind had increased; just plain felt better in all ways.

I had admitted there had been changes but just wasn’t that sure it was due to treatments.  Now I know that I was wrong.  Not only have the treatments helped me physically and mentally, but the loving and caring of Creative Chiropractic has truly effected my life in a very positive way.  I certainly recommend Creative Chiropractic. Please take the opportunity for better health and well being in your life.  Visit Creative Chiropractic and just see for yourself how your life can change.


Clear conscious. Pure awareness. Superb immune system. Less anxiety. Smooth performance. Better decisions. Happy J. Thanks for a good journey.


I had a sinus infection with face and eye pain. Creative Chiropractic fixed me. I was better almost immediately.


I came to Creative Chiropractic with pain in my hip, neck, and hand. After 3 visits the pain the my hip is GONE, my hand is getting better. In time my neck will be much better. Thank you Creative Chiropractic!

I owe a huge thanks to Creative Chiropractic

Immediately upon receiving my first adjustment, I felt an energy change in my body and mind. The movements of my body were more fluid as soon as I got up from the table. Since beginning on a program of being adjusted three times weekly,  I can feel the interplay between my mind and my body becoming progressively more well-tuned. My mind is more clear and the speed with which my mind is processing information reminds me of my childhood.  I have been experiencing vividly lucid dreams as well, and the daily physical soreness to which I had grown accustomed is becoming a part of my past. I am a firm believer in preventative medicine and plan to continue utilizing chiropractic care to help actively maintain my mental and physical wellness. I owe a huge thanks to Creative Chiropractic for exposing my wife and I to a means by which we may pro-actively seek health and wellness, both physically and mentally.